Friday, August 29, 2014

Autumn berries and apples

It is the last week of summer vacation for Jess so we tried to spend some time outside. One lunch hour we walked down through the river valley--which was lovely.

The smell of high bush cranberries is omnipresent and they are starting to ripen alongside the chokecherries. I'm waiting on the hawthorns for this year's foraging jelly experiment.

On a lark, we went to an archery range. With all of the '80s power ballads, I expect Jess's "what I did this summer" essay could be entitled 'The summer my dad went all Ted Nugent on me'. We both had fun at the range and I hope we'll go back this fall.

The garden is mostly giving us tomatoes. This was yesterday's harvest of cherry tomatoes. I think I will need to oven-roast and freeze some of these as we cannot keep up. There were also half a dozen eating tomatoes.

I ran out at lunch today and pressed a bunch of apples to make cider with. I needed the space as we're picking more apples tonight.

The pressing went well and I got 5 gallons. I added some sugar and dosed with campden tablets. I'll pitch the yeast tomorrow and watch the bubbling begin. I'd like to do a second batch this year-depeends on how big the haul of apples it tonight.

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