Saturday, August 2, 2014

Calgary backyard garden

We took a trip to Banff that included some kayaking and canoeing and then dropped in on a friend in Calgary on the way home. Their family has turned their suburban yard into a garden. It is a pie-shaped lot with a tiny and conventional front yard. 

Around the side, they have taken advantage of the hot southern exposure to plants one corn, squash and potatoes. The backyard, though is amazing.

They have a small green house (14x8' maybe) where ether grown peppers and tomatoes--plants that struggle with Calgary's short growing season. They say it adds a month or more to the end of the growing season--less to the beginning.

Around the side, they have redeployed some bee hives as strawberry beds. They had bees for a couple of years but a winter kill and the work involved meant they decided to give it a rest for awhile.

The rest of the garden is a series of pocket gardens. This small area has carrots, peas and onions, for example.

Their tomato harvest from the greenhouse is about three weeks ahead of ours and they were delicious.

We returned to a garden that hadn't wilted. Some neighbours had dropped in to water while we were gone. I think I will be back out watering today, as soon as I finish pickling the early beets and garlic scales.

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