Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tomatoes bees, corn and dill

Yesterday was not especially productive in the yard. I spent most of the day reading on the deck and a bit of time weeding. We also visited the new farmers market on 109th street. And I collected some more rhubarb and froze it.

The tomatoes are continuing to ripen. So far we have managed to stay even with the harvest but the tumbler tomatoes are threatening to get ahead of us. I expect these would be good oven roasted.

The bees are thick in the yard and are all over the onions. The onion below below (I think) a nodding onion, part of a growing patch that I introduced a couple of years back from some seed I found in the river valley.

The corn out front is also starting to show ears (which is exciting!). The Australian butter squash we planted below it has lots of vines but no fruit that I can see so far.

I also harvested our first (and maybe only) cucamelon. This fruit is about the size of a small grape and tastes about halfway between a cucumber and a watermelon. A neat gardening stunt but not likely a plant we'll use again.

In the afternoon I dried a fair quantity of dill for the winter (both seed and leaf). I may go after more dill leaf but today I'm going to thin out the oregano below and dump a bunch on the dehydrator.

I'm also hope to pick up some shelving to brings one order to the room in which I store the cider-making gear.

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