Saturday, August 13, 2011

Early corn

We've had a good crop of corn come up in the alley and some of it is starting to ripen. With some brown tassels on some of the larger cobs and some full kernels visible, we harvested five cobs last night to give it a whirl.

As I recall, we planted peaches-and-cream this year and the kernels had a nice mottled look when we shucked them. We then promptly dropped them in boiling water (about 3 minutes from stalk to water).

They were delicious and sweeter than I've ever had corn. I don't know if this was the variety, the short time between harvest and cooking or purely subjectivism. Jess even asked for seconds. I'm inclined to let the rest grow a bit more as we had a few cobs with immature kernels.

Up next: I'm hoping to roast tomatoes today we picked up at the farmer's market. And tomorrow I'd like to make some chokecherry jelly from the berries we picked in a local ravine. And it looks like a couple of potato plants are starting to finish up so we'll pull a few for dinner tonight.

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