Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Visitors and pickled eggs

With my vacation over, things have been quite in the garden. Mostly we have been doing autumn tasks: digging potatoes, harvesting tomatoes and lettuce, amending beds for next year, and bemoaning plantings that didn't turn out (I'm talking to you, cauliflower).

We've been seeing more bird activity lately with this colourful bird (a Tennessee Warbler?) dropping on the weekend. I've been cutting and freezing carrots in the evenings. I also pickled some eggs a few weeks back to see how that worked--pretty simple and tasty even so soon.

Up next: We have a fair amount of bed preparation to do this weekend. I'd also like to harvest the rest of the potatoes (plants have died back). I'm inclined to make some applesauce if we can find some local apples for the taking. Or perhaps some more soup stock to use the rest of the celery.


  1. You have garden celery? That's great. I have lovage and will be doing something with that in the next week...a pesto perhaps, that I can freeze and add to soups. Will be scavenging for some apples this weekend. I think some nice apple jelly with herbs would be good for the winter meats.

  2. Sarah, Yes, I bought four little starters this spring on a lark which morphed into garden-grown soup stock. Alas, I forgot to plant leeks so off to the farmer's market. The celery grew great guns (at least as big as what you'd find in a store); it is rare a lark turns out so well!