Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We ended up staggering the planting of potatoes, with a few late plants to fill in holes where there was a failure of one plant or another. So we have some potatoes just blooming out back while other plants are starting to die back in the front.

We went out the other day and pulled up the most withered of the russet and shepody plants to see what we ended up with. The soil out front is fairly nasty so there was a harvest but it was modest (about 6 potatoes per plant, one big and five smaller).

The russet are delicious, both cooked on the BBQ in tinfoil and baked as fries. The shepody seem to be more of a baking potato (drier) so I will give them a try that way before I declare a winner. I have been amending the soil where we have pulled out plants, managing to get the composter dug down to the bottom. This will allow us to start again with a slightly less wet pile.

Up next: Jess is keen to try pickles and I'd like to make relish so we're hopeful to find some cucumbers at market this weekend. I also bought a stock pot deep enough to bath some of the larger jars that I have so we should be able to press some older jars back into service once I pick up some new lids. I also recall promising to make pickled eggs so we'll see how that goes.


  1. I just found your wonderful blog by checking the 'stats' on my own blog. And wow! you have me in your list! Thank you! I love all your ideas and am amazed at the wonderful garden. My garden has been sadly neglected while I sell bread at the local Farmer's Market. I am praying for a good October and can cut more beds and prep them for spring planting.

  2. Thanks Sarah; I've quite enjoyed your bread recipes and whatnot!

    Yes, autumn comes soon (topped the tomatoes today) and a bit of break from lawn mowing and weeding will be appreciated.

    Next year, more vertical gardening for me!