Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A great year for Saskatoon berries

Jess and I went to T&D's Saskatoon's u-pick yesterday. This farm is located just north of St Albert and I have been by dozens of times on my way to Athabasca and never noticed it.

It is the height of the Saskatoon berry season and the harvest this year is spectacular. You hardly have to move to pick berries. We managed to fill more than three pails in about an hour (at $12/pail).

We ended up with about 50 cups of berries for $40. Most of it we froze for pies in the winter because these were so delicious last year. We also made three litres of preserves (still going on as a write...).

We weren't the only one's enjoying the berries and Jess located all manner of spiders and other crawlers.

The garden is producing some good extras to add to the salad. In addition to cherry tomatoes, we've started to harvest small cucumbers (spiny bastards!)--these are just under four inches.

Up next: We'll be back for more berries on Wednesday--likely to freeze or maybe preserve with some raspberries--we'll see how much picking the troops are up for! We'll also be pulling the onions this week and seeding some kale and spinach for some autumn greens.

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