Friday, August 5, 2011

Flowers and bugs

We had a quiet day of bike riding and lawn mowing (I love vacation!) today, trying to enjoy the heat. I caught this nasturtium as the Sun peaked over the garage and thought it made a pretty picture.

The cucumber plants are producing about one cuc a day between the four of them which is great from a salad perspective. I'd like to try to make relish next week so we will likely need to hit the farmer's market for that.

The poppy (below) appeared in the backyard. It appears to be from a bunch of seed my dad had kept in the freezer since about 1979 and gave to me a few years back. It was from my mother's mother's garden in Perdue (SK) and I finally decided to throw it out in the backyard and see what happened. Of the five or so tablespoons, we got one plant. As I recall, this is a healthy self-sower so I look forward to more in future years.

In the meantime, the new rhubarb leaves (as well as a few small tomatoes out front) seem under attack from a small black bug. It looks like winged aphids so I'm going to spray tomorrow with a bit of soap and water.

Up next: we've planted some late spinach in the empty onion beds; here is hoping that we get some to come up before it freezes hard in September.

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