Saturday, August 27, 2011

Salsa, Stock, Corn and Tomatoes

We've been busy as summer comes to a close! We had a friend over for a corn roast which was delicious. I'm not sure I would grow corn again next year (a lot of space for not a huge yield) but it was fun to try.

We've also been eating these Peter Pan squash that I interplanted among the corn.

We made a couple litres of salsa this week which has proven delicious.

The garden is also beginning to yield larger tomatoes. I expect we'll be making more salsa as these ripen.

I made six litres of soup stock (now frozen) from various odds and ends in the garden (the skin from the salsa tomatoes, for example). That proved to be a snap and we'll likely make more as we have lots of celery. I must grow some leeks next year.

We could also stand to harvest and freeze a bunch of carrots, but I need a bit of a break this weekend. One of the carrots has started to go to seed so I'm going to let it alone and see what happens (despite what everyone says about F2 plants).

Now back to digging potatoes and trying to improve the soil a bit for next year!

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  1. You are sure doing a lot of preserving and it all looks so good. If I wasn't at the Farmer's Market I would be doing some, too. I did make pickled roasted red peppers and tomato ketchup.