Thursday, August 4, 2011

Onion harvest

We planted about 100 yellow onion starters this spring and have now pulled them all out. Most have grown to a reasonable (baseball) size and their tops had fallen over and started to yellow.

Of the hundred we planted, we've used about 15 at various points, harvested 40 big bulbs and 30 small bulbs (poor placement) and the remainder croaked at some point.

I'm presently curing a bunch on the deck and we'll put these in the coolest room we have in the basement (under the stairs) to see how they keep. I definitely grow these again, perhaps around front next year with some beets and carrots.

I also dried five onions (which fills about one 500ml jar) for crock point recipes over the winter. As the result, the back deck has been fragrant today. While our food dryer is the pits overall (an inexpensive model), it does mean I can load it up and let to run unattended most of the day while I make jam.

Out back the corn cobs are about 12 inches long and starting to bulk up. I'd bet we're still maybe three week away from any sort of harvest. Tucked down in the corn are some tiny squash which are finally flowering. No sign of fruit yet but the flowers are more encouraging than the beans (which have huge vines but no beans!).

I've also pulled a bunch of chives from the garden to see how air drying works. This bunch might be too large. Certainly makes the office aromatic.

Up next: We pulled the first potatoes out from around the plants today and they were delicious. I've also emptied a few rows of beets so we're going to plant a late crop of spinach and perhaps swiss chard. Or kale, if I can remember to buy the seeds.

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