Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beans, carrots and lilies

The combination of hot weather and lots of rain has pushed the garden ahead of past years. The potatoes have largely finished flowers, just in time for a bunch of lily bulbs to open up. These bulbs were ones I missed when I dug the bed last year.

The zucchini has also also started to produce lots of flowers and a number of small fruit. I will have to figure out how to preserve some of these (shred and freeze, maybe) for the winter.  So far there is no slug damage on these so I will plant them in the moister beds next year.

The yellow and green bean plants are also growing and starting to produce ripened pods (more so the yellow than the green).

These were quite good in stews and various Indian dishes last year so I've started harvesting, blanching and freezing. I put away about two cups this morning, but based on the number of small beans that are there, I think we'll have an ample harvest later in the summer.

I've also started harvesting what is left in the cold frame. We had kale chips the other night and last night we pulled up some carrots. Perhaps we'll look at the beets tonight.

I want to rebuild the cold frame into two, shallower units that better fit the glass and space that I have so we'll need to do that next week in order to get some autumn crops going.

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