Monday, July 9, 2012

Strawberry picking

Undeterred by temperatures over +30C today, Jess and I headed out to the country (well, 15 minutes outside of the city--it looked like the country) to pick some strawberries. Our old u-pick closed down and I happened across a new place on kijiji.

This u-pick is run by Kelly and Willis (don't think it has a name) on part of their farm. A pail of berries is $10 (which is almost half what Prairie Gardens charging) and there were a lot of berries. It is located on range road 231 between township roads 551 and 552. Easiest access is out Fort Road onto the Manning Freeway and hang a left at 17th Street (just past the jail). The owners are asking pickers to call for hours and directions (780 998 2136).

We had a great time, picking five pails in about 45 minutes. Which was the same time it took the temperature to climb from 24 to 29. We'll definitely be back next year.

Back home, I pressed Jess into service cleaning and cutting. I suspect a fair bit of worker theft during the processing. In the end, we put about 10 litres into the freezer (too hot to make jam--maybe next week).

I see some of the saskatoons on our bush are about ready to pick so we'll need to see whether there are some ready for picking next week. In the meantime, the peas are starting to plump up nicely in the back.

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