Friday, July 6, 2012

Flowers and more solar cooking

The garden continues to provide new blooms each day. Out in the beds Jessica is managing, the potatoes are really flowering. We also spent some time thinning carrots and replanting another crop of lettuce.

Around the side, some of the onions we grew last year but were too small thus replanted last fall, are starting to flower. I'm keen to collect the seeds and see if we can grow some onions from them. Anyone know if you can also eat onions that have gone to seed?

In the strawberry patch, a handful of poppy seeds that came from my mother's garden (I'm guessing in the late 1970s) and have been frozen in a gerber baby food jar since then have sprouted. Low germination rate, but they are 35 years old.

These flowers originally came from my grandmother's garden in Perdue, SK and I remember them from being a kid. I decided to dump the rest of the seeds in the same bed and see what happened--we had a mix of poppies and strawberries in The Snake House--the poppies shaded the strawberries nicely.

The mock orange is also blooming to beat the band. Maybe a mild winter and then dry spring has given it some incentive to seed?

Today's solar cooker experiment was bread. Same recipe I use in the oven; I just let it rise in the roasters. This took about three hours to cook using the reflector attachment and the temp was about 275F when I took them out. The loaves are 9 inches across and the front one is about 5 inches high (uneven split of the dough means the back loaf is smaller). A slightly longer rise might have been good but I was eager to get them in the cooker.

Looks like the weekend will be hot; hopefully there are some strawberries to pick shortly.

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