Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beans finally setting!

After a fine show of flowers, the painted lady bean plants are finally setting some bean pods! Whew--I thought these were going to be a bust after more than a month of heavy flowering and nary a bean pod to be seen.

The Ireland Creek Anne beans are also setting nice, large pods with lots of beans (and mosquitoes) so it looks like we'll have some dried beans this autumn. The Mexican bush beans are also starting to set pods. Guess I just needed to be more patient.

Some annual flowers are also starting to really show. And this afternoon I stripped all but a few items out of the clod frame bed to get it ready for a rebuild for next year. The carrots and beets were a welcome change from the masses of green and yellow beans we're harvesting.

Around front, the blackberry bushes are flowering so we may get some berries this year. And something (slugs is my guess) is eating the goose berry bush leaves. Fortunately, the raspberries and saskatoons are bearing heavily. We also snagged a good haul of saskatoons from the river valley this morning and made pie. We'll see if the gooseberry has what it takes to survive to next year.

If the bugs will give us a break, I'll start to transplant some irises around to the front again and open up more room for veggies in the back yard.

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