Saturday, July 14, 2012

Garden peas and lilies

We planted a bunch of shelling peas this year and they are starting to ripen. We spent an enjoyable half hour collecting and shelling them on the porch yesterday.

I'd thought we might freeze some of these but they are rather popular around the house so I think we'll just put up the green beans instead. I way over planted the green and yellow beans and will reverse the proportions next year!

The lilies have started to bloom, including this bulb in the back. Over the years we've had a bunch go while (right now they are coming up on the potato bed despite my careful digging and sifting last fall).

The day lilies are also blooming. These small yellow ones on the side survived transplant last year and seem to have taken off.

These much larger orange ones (the flower-head if often elbow height) seem able to survive anything. We snagged them from the foundations when the neighbors dozed their house.

I'm keeping an eye out for cooler weather so I can make some strawberry jam and free up some room in the freezer. Now off for my weekly assault on the purple bellflower that persists despite three years of vigorous eradication.

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