Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Foraging Saskatoons

Growing up, we always used to pick berries and whatnot in the bush by the cabin. So, as part of my "love nature, dammit!" summer curriculum for Jess, we poke around the river valley and see what we can find. In the past we've harvested asparagus and choke cherries

We happened upon a large patch of Saskatoon berries a couple of weeks back. As the berries in the front yard are starting to ripen, I wanted to see if they were synced with the ones in the valley (for future reference).

We hustled down there today (before it started getting really hot) and found a few ripe ones and the rest about 10 days away from being ready. This is about the same as our bushes at home.

We did pick a few berries (maybe a quarter of a cup) and I popped those into the freezer for jamming later. We'll need better shoes and some long pants when we go back to pick!

We also scoped out some high bush cranberries and rose hips for picking this fall. Now off to brave the heat and try to mow the lawn.

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