Sunday, June 26, 2011

Apples, Saskatoons and Strawberries

The moist weather has made the garden really lush. Some exploration between showers yesterday showed the vegetables are coming right along, with the potatoes starting flower in the front yard.

The apple tree (as far as I can tell) has a total of two fruit. Fortunately the neighbours are generous with their harvest every fall as we wait for this tree to mature and start to produce. The other apple tree again has not set fruit despite (I think) better positioning.

The small saskatoon bushes are showing a nice crop given their size. Another few weeks and these will be ready to harvest. I'm hopeful we can hit a u-pick in early July to sock some away as they made delicious pies last winter.

Most exciting for Jess is that the strawberry patch is starting to produce. I believe these are ever bearing so we should have a small amount all summer long. Again, a u-pick is likely going to provide the bulk of our jam and frozen berries.

And the tomatoes are starting to set fruit, which is really encouraging. I think this is an early girl on the south side of the house. Sunny but a bit dry and the soil is so-so. Other plants are a bit further along.

Up next: The zucchini is flowering in back and I installed a rain barrel on one of the garage downspouts as the clouds rolled in last night so we'll have to see whether it worked.

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