Thursday, June 16, 2011


Cool and wet weather has kept me out of the garden but a quick tour last night revealed some new developments.

Most encouraging was that some of the tomato plants are setting fruit. Both the tumbler and these yellows tomatoes (don't recall the variety) have tiny little fruits.

The peonies have also started blossoming on the south side of the house and are quite the shot of colour!

In the kitchen garden, the green peppers continue to set fruit and are growing. It will be nice to have small crop of these for salsa later in the summer.

Out behind the garage the pole beans planted around the corn have come up. I think Jess took my instructions to plant them close to the corn to heart!

And the onions are growing very well. These fellows have two-foot stocks. We've been harvesting a few early onions to thin out the rows and they have been tasty.

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