Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Drying out the flower beds

So we've had a bit of rain this past week. A downpour Monday morning at about 4 am overwhelmed the gutters but no major damage was done.

That said, the ground is pretty saturated. Above is a shot of my neighbour's lawn about 10 am on Monday. Another neighbour had excavated for a new sidewalk and ended up with a moat.

The flowers are quite liking it. The bloom on the irises goes on and I'm blown away by the colours.

And the density of blooms is also astonishing. This is a spot out back where the focus was supported to be the flowers in the half oak cask. But the irises I planted around it as an afterthought have quite overwhelmed the rest of the show.

The Persian cone flower is starting to bloom by the garage which will add some summer colour when the irises finally give up the ghost. This plant has become quite massive over the past eight years or so and might need to be pruned back. Or I could just let nature decide what grows where (which would be a lot less work!).

And the pink on the side of the house is in full bloom as well. This is being a bit overshadowed by the maturing irises and day-lilies but it continues to grown gamely, giving a surprise shot of colour on the path.

Up next: The vegetables seem to be going great guns as well, especially the peppers and cauliflower.

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