Saturday, June 25, 2011

More flowers!

With the cool and moist June weather, the irises are slightly behind their usual blooming. But the front bed beneath the mountain ash has finally burst into bloom. This made for a lovely sight when we arrived back from cycling to the farmer's market this morning.

Around the back, the peonys are starting to flower as well. This one was a donation from Jennifer's mother (one of several) and has a very pretty bloom. I'm partial to darker peonies but this light fringe on the petals makes this one very attractive.

The day lilies are also starting to bloom. This is the sole bloomer in the back, but the orange day lilies on the side have thrown up many stalks which will soon bloom.

The painted daisies are coming up by the garage. I quite like these darker ones although they often look slightly deformed.

And a long-time resident of the garden is this viola (I think it is a viola) we planted the first year we were here (summer of 2001?) and keeps self seeding and popping up in different spots. This one showed up at the edge of the old vegetable garden and narrowly missed getting yanked with a bunch of weeds.

Up next: The vegetables and fruits are making progress in the warmer weather.

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