Sunday, June 19, 2011


After almost a week of rain, the garden looks very lush now that the sun has come out. The potatoes have shot up almost a foot in some places and most of the other plants have put a lot of height.

The strawberries are really setting a lot of fruit this year. This is quite encouraging as I thought our patch was done in after last year's small and ugly harvest.

The cooler weather seems to have prolonged the irises which are putting on an amazing show this year. A much lighter iris has come out in the back yard which is quite interesting. I think these were a donation from our friend Sharon a few years ago and were jammed into the ground right before it froze solid.

The irises are also about to be overtaken by various daisies by the garage. The daisies took quite a pounding in the rain but may yet bouncy back.

In the meantime, we've been inside baking bread. As we're just learning the ropes of making it in a pan we've had several false starts: The Brick, The Burnt Brick, and Not as Bad as the Last One have given way to tasty raisin bread that Jess is kneading here.

Up next: I have a rain barrel to install this week out by the garage. And, when things dry out some, the lawn needs some attention. And the potatoes need hilling again.

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