Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rain Barrel

Over the weekend, I finally got around to installing the rain barrel I bought at Apache Seeds a few weeks back.

Having had a few drainage issues around the house over the years, I decided to put it on the garage downspout. The few light rains we've had the past few evenings have already filled it.

Using the barrel to fill a watering jug is child's play. Although the spigot is stiff enough to require an adult's strength. It might require a tiny bit of lubrication or something.

You can see in the background the carefully constructed platform (cough, cough) used to prop up the barrel. A bit of digging is required to make it easier to get the watering jug in place.

The zucchini is flowering in the backyard and hopefully using the wet weather to make some vegetables for freezing. And up on the back deck the tumbler tomatoes are growing quickly.

Up next: Peonies and strawberries, I think. The corn is also growing great guns, although we're a ways from harvesting from it!

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