Saturday, June 11, 2011

Berries, apples and corn

We had a lovely rain storm last night that has left the garden moist and spares me from watering for a day or so. This shasta daisy has self-seeded in the back bed, between the irises and the persian cornflower (or coneflower, I can never recall).

The Saskatoon berries appear to have pollinated just fine in the front yard. This plant is about three years old and this will be the first year we get any appreciate number of berries off of it.

The strawberries are growing quite nicely and have set their first fruits.

After my grousing about the lack of apples, I started snooping a bit closer and I think we have at least one blossom that will fruit this year. Currently the per-apple cost of this tree is about $40 so every apple helps!

And around the back the corn is growing nicely. I love the look of water on the leaves.

After a quick trip to the farmer's market this morning, we're planning on spending the day enjoying a very summery weekend. Perhaps a bit of bike riding and a trip to the library is in order.

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