Monday, June 13, 2011

Berries and flowers

The perennials continue to put on a lovely show in the garden this week. The irises in the back have all come into bloom and look quite pretty.

In the front the pansies (an annual) are flowering in the cooler spring weather.

The columbine has started to flower, replacing the dying irises.

Around the side, the tulips have passed, the irises are just coming and the daylilies are up. In the meantime, these pink have some up and look quite fetching.

The raspberries are also flowering and it looks like we'll have a fairly good crop this year. The raspberries against the front of the house also appear to be spreading.

Up next: I've given up on a couple rows of seeds that have failed to germinate and replaced them with some fast growing lettuce. The beans and squash are also coming up nicely.

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