Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flowers, lettuce and berries

The peonies continue to bloom this week, with those slightly further away from the house starting to flower. This red one was a gift (I think) from my friend Alan. It is tucked in between a hedge and a bunch of day lilies so goes unnoticed until suddenly it blooms.

The mock orange is also blooming. This one is along the south side of the house and was scavenged from a patch in the back where the mock orange has run wild.

The spirea has also just started to flower.

Around the back, our lettuce crop has finally begin coming in (this row is in the shade of the onions). I had no luck with spinach this spring and the first round of seeds did not germinate (maybe in too early).

And while deadheading irises in the back, I ran across these alpine strawberries which continue to soldier on year after year. These fellows are the size of a small marble.

Up next: The strawberry season opens at South Windemere Gardens on Sunday so we'll be making preserves if the weather holds.

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