Friday, July 1, 2011

Potato flowers

After a trip to the Leg for pancakes this morning, we'd planned to spend much of the weekend on our bikes. Alas, the timeless story of "fat guy on bike hits bump and breaks spoke" has sidelined us, so it was off to the garden this afternoon. I also broke a hoe this week; the good news is I can replace it with a higher quality one.

The shepody potatoes have been flowering awhile but have really started to set blooms in the front yard.

Some of the russet potatoes have now started to flower as well.

Out back a bell flower has come up in the messy part of the flower garden (it's next year's project to sort that out!). This blooms biennially so is always a surprise when it comes up.

We're also seeing the last of the peonies along the house and the blooms look mangy after two weeks of great colour. These have really attracted the bees!

Up next: It is the last week for local asparagus so we'll be picking up a bunch at the farmer's market tomorrow and freezing it for stew in in the winter. And the strawberry season opens this Sunday so we'll be making preserves and jam. I so love summer food!


  1. Bob,

    So glad we found this blog today! Kimberley and I love the photos!

  2. Thanks guys! Yes, I'm always surprised at how good my cheap camera is at capturing nice pictures!