Wednesday, July 20, 2011


In a pleasant surprise, the raspberry bush growing at the front of the house has produced some early fruit. The rest of the plants (a darker type of raspberry) are weeks away from edible fruit. Although there were only four berries, they made a nice addition to some fruit salad last night.

I understand the saskatoon season is about to begin and am hopeful we can snag some fruit this weekend and beginning jamming and freezing it. It makes such delightful pies in the middle of winter.

The daylilies continue to put on a good show in the backyard. This year they are joined by some old lily bulbs (below) that have come back through the construction disruption and are flowering again. I will be moving these bulbs once the blooming is done to clear way for the vegetable bed.

The corn continue to grow out back. This is a picture of the root of the corn stalk--something I've never taken the time to look closely at before. I'm not sure if the rain has caused the soil to compact (thus exposing the root structure) or if this is normal.

Finally, the cucumber (which I had largely written off) is suddenly growing a nice set of vines and flowering. With some warm weather, we may get a small number of cucmbers to add to the abundant lettuce crop.

Up next: We're moving irises this week and then I will tackle the catmint (which is sprawling and full of bees--fun, fun!). Then there is a nasty section of crab grass and other invasives that has overtaken my weeding efforts.

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