Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Berries, corn and zucchini

While some sunshine would be a nice change, the garden continues to grow. Out front, the Saskatoon berries are starting to get some colour. I see one of my neighbors has a huge bush in his back yard. Perhaps we could be talked out of some of his harvest.

In the backyard, the rain has helped fatten up the zucchini. Still too small to bother harvesting, but the plants are putting out a huge number of zucchinis which bodes well for baking and freezing. The pumpkin plant nearby is proving to be a bit of a disappointment--likely needs more sun than we're seeing.

Around back, some corn stalks are cresting six feet and it looks like we'll have a good harvest this year. The pole beans are also starting to twine up the stalks and the squash at the base are producing big leaves. This is all very encouraging.

Up next: Hopefully some strawberry picking in the next few days. The small patch we have are ripening and tasty but it has been too wet to brave the u-pick.

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