Friday, July 15, 2011

After the rain... not just a pretty bad song by Ricky Nelson's kids, but is also a lovely time to see what has bloomed outside. With almost two weeks of inattention, much has changed.

A surprise on the south side are these gladiolas. A friend gave us some seeds a few years ago and I could never get them to come up. So I finally tossed the end of the tub into the garden and forgot about it. Two years later we have these flowers volunteering behind the daylilies. That are very pretty.

The yarrow has also come on strongly. I think this colour was from a small plant we purchased about 8 years ago at Nature's Garden Centre, now sadly defunct.

The thyme has started blooming, to the delight of the bees.

A very colourful marigold Jessica grew from seed is tucked in by the pepper plants. I ran across this one while struggling with the old clippy-clip mower through the thick back grass.

And the nasturtiums are quite liking the cool weather in a shady part of the yard. Again this year they are out competing everything else we planted here and needed to be sheared back.

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