Monday, July 4, 2011

Peas and Asparagus

After making preserves on Sunday, we spent some time with the food we'd picked up at the farmers' market. It was the last week for local asparagus so we grabbed three bundles to freeze for winter stews and casseroles.

This is from Edgar Farms near Innisfail. The few spears I tried were delicious after a quick blanching. Edgar Farms has been around since 1907 and specializing in asparagus since 1986.

This lot yielded four bags of asparagus to freeze. If I'd had more energy, I would have used some of the water as a start for soup stock but I was out of gas after making preserves so dumped it in the garden instead.

We also picked up a bunch of peas that Jess and her mom shucked on the front step while I deadheaded irises and fed the mosquitos.

These were very tasty last raw and were from Riverbend Gardens. We also bought some potatoes and baby carrots from them and all were steamed for dinner last night.

Up next: The vegetables are coming along and we've had a few new flowers come out over the weekend.

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