Saturday, July 23, 2011

More raspberries

Our plan today was a quick trip to the farmer's market and then we'd go off and pick Saskatoon berries. While the berries were ready, they were only accessible by zodiac due to the rain last night so we went to Roy's Raspberries west of town.

Today was the first day of picking and the berries were huge and very tasty. We managed to get 48 cups (12 litres) for $55 in about an hour. We'll can about 16 litres and the rest is destined for the freezer (or our bellies).

We also saw all manner of critters including hoppers and a large number of spiders. Wind kept the mosquitoes down and there was no mutiny, unlike that terrible August day in 2007... .

We came home to baby's breath blooming among the blueberry plants.

And then Jenn used some of the mint she bought at the market to make mojitoes.

With the lawn finally mowed, tomorrow I'll haul out the fruit drier and see whether I can get the apricots we bought today leathery enough to keep. We'll also need to make some raspberry preserves and perhaps make war on the dandelions on the south lawn.

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