Thursday, July 7, 2011

The garden, by Jess

Braving the mosquitos, I sent Jess out into the garden with her camera to see what she could see. Forty some pictures later, these are the best (in my view). Sadly her eye at 8 is better than mine at 40.

Up first is some yarrow. I'm sure yarrow has actual redeeming qualities but I like it because it is hard to kill. Except when it migrates into the lawn. The fuchsia is very vivid!

Jess also took a snap of a bee on a flower in the tangled mess by the garden (to be sorted next year).

This is a Persian cornflower. This is a sprawling plant but the flowers are interesting.

This is one of the daisies. I'm not sure of the shadow is Jess standing in her own light or maybe from the garage--but it is quite dramatic.

And here we have a bee's bum inside a bell flower. She has become obsessed with bees since we had a run in with a wasp a few weeks back. In the meantime, the lettuce is starting to come in and I'm thinning the starter plants and quite enjoying eating our work.

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