Monday, July 11, 2011

Day lilies, verbena and spirea

The clouds have (momentarily) parted and that allowed me to take stock of the garden after a week of inattention. A number of plants have started to bloom.

First up was this spreading verbena. Jess chose this at the gardening centre because she likes purple. It performed pretty poorly all spring and now suddenly it is spreading and flower, giving the back a nice show of colour as the perennials start to poop out.

The spirea has also come into bloom which a nice way to distract the eye from the composter!

And the day lilies we rescued from the neighbor's house before it was demolished are huge--stems almost five feet all and throwing off lovely orange flower.

Jess was thrilled to see the Front Yards in Bloom sign appear on our lawn last night. But the real action is now in the back as the veggies start to take shape.

Up next: The corn is almost six feet all and is starting to flower (or whatever you call it with corn) and the zucchini is really enjoying the wet weather.

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