Thursday, July 28, 2011

Berries and cucumbers

With a bit of sun, the garden is starting to produce some food.

We picked out first bowl of berries from the raspberry canes last night. These plants are three years old and, while we got a bit of fruit last year, tonight we had enough for a big dessert. The darker and lighter berries have subtly different flavours, with the darker being fruitier.

The lilies continue to bloom. These were accidentally transplanted this spring with some irises and still bloomed. We also moved some catmint from the back to the front.

The cucumber plants have started to vine (finally!) and set fruit. Next year I will try to train these up a trellis. The zucchini plant is now producing with abundance and we're starting to freeze shredded zucchini for winter baking.

We're beginning to pull bigger onions to eat and the tops have started to fall over. Once they brown I will pull them to cure, dry some and plant a fall crop of spinach in their place. I see the carrots in the bed closest to the house are also big enough to beginning eating.

And, visible only from below the deck, are a huge number of tomatoes. I think this year we'll try some oven-roasted tomatoes. We had the first few red ones (pictured in Monday's post) and they were delicious.

Up next: With my vacation starting, I will be moving some more perennials out of the old (now new) vegetable bed so we can plant there next year. We'll also be doing some berry picking and I'm thinking about building a cold frame if I can lay my hands on some old windows.

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