Monday, July 2, 2012

Beans, potatoes and saskatoons

After a trip down to the legislature for Canada Day pancakes, we had a nice bike ride and stumbled across a big patch of Saskatoon berries in the river valley. This is a nice find as it means we can pick Saskatoons without a bit trip to the countryside.

We also toured the Oliver Community Garden. This is set up in what was once a paved school lot just west of downtown. There are 120 gardeners here and the garden is immaculate. Below is one of the denser plots, with at least a dozen vegetables growing and enough soil amendment that it needs side boards to contain it. The raised beds (for accessibility) are also lovely.

Back home just in time for a major downpour, we made fruitcake, bread and put some more basil into oil for winter use.

We also noted that the beans have flowered. Below, the colourful painted lady beans are out as are the Ireland Creek Annie beans. The green and yellow beans in the backyard are also flowering and the peas behind the garage have set a huge number of pods.

The potatoes are also flowering. These are russet potatoes, I think.

Up next: We need to do a bit of maintenance in the yard later today after a bike ride. This includes starting to move some irises out of the back and into the front to make way for a pea bed for next year.


  1. Basil in oil. That is something I have not tried. Do you freeze it?

  2. Yes, frozen. I also do this with coriander and chives as some recipes I make fairly often require both the herb and the oil. I think you could also do it in water.